Architectural Construction Services

Architectural and Construction Services
Today's building challenge is to find the best technologies that will provide a sound cost benefit for the goals we seek when building for our home, community, business or Industry. Our ability to do research will provide architectural, Construction and Contractors the edge to provide their customer the best construction solutions.

Vista El Pulte House - Estimate: Casa Vista El Pulte

A man creates the first man made leaf using cloroplasts and sink, in the shape you want to give it. With water and sunlight it creates oxygen. It has great architectural potential.

Man made leaf that could be used in architecture

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LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (Click)

We seek sources of Energy, Lighting, Building Materials, building techniques.
Resource saving in energy use, water, drainage, waste management.

Buscamos fuentes de Energía, Iluminación, Materiales de Construcción, técnicas de construcción. 
Ahorro de recursos en uso de energía, agua, drenajes, manejo de desechos. 

This vacation retreat uses structure, distribution, materials and resources in a very creative way as well as low cost and clean implementation.

If you should have specific or general requests for your project please feel free to place your request with us. We can gather the resources you need for it.

Este lugar de retiro vacacional utiliza estructura, distribución, materiales y los recursos en una forma muy creativa con bajos costos e implementan de una manera limpia.

Si tiene peticiones especificas o generales de su proyecto no dude en darnos su solicitud. Podemos reunir los recursos necesarios para su proyecto.