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City Power

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Paneles Solares para cogenerar privadamente y bajar su costo Energético
Photovoltaic Solar Panels in grid tie to reduce the total amount consumed from your local electrical grid, lowering this way the total on your ivoice from your energy provider.

Ahorro Progresivo según inversión


Seagull Systems - RentecH - Solar Savings

You can go to our Solar Savings Calculator

Seagull Systems - RentecH - Solar Savings Calculator for Guatemala City

The savings shown above are in increments of 4X39KWh/month (156KWh/month an SSR-4-GT), and an average of 5.5 hours of daily sunlight exposure. According to the chart, in the month of July is about 780KWh consumption, you save by paying the minimum rate (installing SSR-19-GT)  Q8.89.

You decide how much to invest and therefore when you start saving.

A monthly payment of Q1400.00, an annual sum ofQ16,800.00

taking into account an annual increase of 5% of the electricity in 25 years you could be paying monthly Q4,515.14 for the same amount of energy per month. And if you add the 25-year energy costs, add up to a total of Q801, 815.30 in total.

Contact us for an evaluation of its use and potential savings, info@seagullsys.com (in Guatemala), we will gladly make an estimate of what would be your investment.