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Funel Power

Funnel Wind Power
When wind flows it usually does in a planar manor, or laminar flow, yet when an inversion zone is found, meaning hot air wants to raze and cold wants to descend you get a situation where the air behaves like water, and it starts to spin and finds a weak spot where it can penetrate (denser air) the layer of warmer or other planar flow below it (hot air). Usually Wind farms depend on harvesting these planar flows with a usually horizontal circular turbine.  Very complex studies are done to try to harvest power from this kinetic energy known as eolic energy.   The arm of the turbine takes advantage of the outer part of the propeller blade and does not take much advantage of the flow in ghe center of the rotor, causing drag and other turbulence conditions in the aft part of the turbine, and mast.   We have tested this in our labs and find out that laminar flow can be harvested in a different manor, and we have sourced several providers for this technology.

We call it Funnel Power ( R ) 

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Emergency Supplies & Sustainable Food

Mark n' Gloria suggest great ideas for your kitchen. (Click here

Part of our Renewable Resources Technologies is our recommendation to Food source production at the family level. This site provides several sources for sustainable food source. There are food rations as well as food production, and gear to be prepared.

A very well known home method is the square foot gardening. Using a raised bed to plant.

Here is a guide (pdf)

Get children involved they will thrive with this. http://thefoodproject.org/

After you get your produce make sure you can preserver it by canning it

The Aquaponic Source

Build your sustainable food source. Vegetables and Fresh Fish at your table table every day. Find here at

Everything you need


Service Overview

Complete site survey with measurements using UAV, photos and videos, analysis of features as well as potential uses. Complete inventory, presentation and documentation based on your requirements.

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  • << Possible Land Use/Classification >>
  • << Plan elaboration >>
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Savings in your home or business
[    *Guatemala City, Guatemala      ]

Inevitably it seems that the cost of the electricity raise in your home or business. When calculating consumption and you are above 300kWh per month on the invoice you are paying around Q2.00* per total bill for each kWh consumed. There are several things that you can do to help you save on all serivces at home or business. We give several recommendations to lower the cost thereof. We assist in homes and industries so that there is a better use of resources.

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see how much you can save on your bill, start by seegin how much you can save adding 300W panel to your home (enter 5.5 average sun per day) in our calculator
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If you are an Architect/Builder/Contractor we can help you in your project.

Renewable Resources Technologies ( RentecH )

In physics, 
energy (Ancient Greek: ἐνέργεια energeia "activity, operation"[1]) is an indirectly observed quantity.
It is often understood as the ability a physical system has to do work on other physical systems.[2][3] 
Since work is defined as a force acting through a distance (a length of space), energy is always equivalent to the ability to exert pulls or pushes against the basic forces of nature, along a path of a certain length. .....(Wiki)

Potential, Kinetic, Rotational, Thermal, Luminous, Atomic, Electrical, Magnetic, all forms of Energy. All ready to be transformed and used for purposes and work we want and when we want it.
What is the best form of Energy available for us in an abundant manner, and for our practical purpose inextinguishable?

Our first reaction is to look up, of course during the day an we see the sun, but then we wait til night fall and it is gone.   We look to the trees and see their leaves moving in the wind, but we then find they are still. We hear the near by stream roaring right after a torrential rain.  Yet we remember that the now covered stones in the river bead are not seen, tomorrow I will see them again. I walk around and think what could be an inextinguishable source of Energy I could count on every day without having to wait for a constant supply.  I know a piece of Coal that stays lit for ever.. Nuclear... not good for my health, and it does extinguish if you pour enough water on it.

I have found a website that has found a source of energy that they use, and found it in the most reliable and underestimated location. Where? Right where they where standing. How can that be, a mineral?  No.   There is a Coal like fire that cant be extinguished, no matter what amount of water you put on it, and it is hot, and it has been hot for a very long time. 

I will continue writing about this soon....

Pressing and Sliding as the source of energy

Harnessing everyday motion to power mobile devices

Air Power
Compressed Air, as Energy Source

AIR, a new car, with virtually 0 emisions

Wind power Potential

Wind Power Potential
Guatemala has several wind potential places, Alotenango is one. It not only has Wind Power Potential location, but currently is one of the prime real estate places.   In the above image you can see a Site, where they produce one of the best coffee,  labeled Antigua - organic coffee. It has several certifications for best export, organic and local certified coffee organization. If you see to the left you will see golf resorts hotels and an incredible view to the pacific coast. I was conversing with the Real Estate agent that an ecological off grid hotel could be built in this location, or a complete coffee processing tourist tour.   The owners are looking for some one to take over the operation and innovate the place. 

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Solar power for water pumping

Chichoy, Submersible Solar Water Pump, Water flow with partial sun light.

Chichoy, Submersible Solar Water Pump, 2X80W PV Panels in Tilt Rack
Water from a well pumped by a solar pump system

Outside the city of Guatemala a small farm changed thir water puming system from grid tie to off grid Solar power to reduce the cost and become a more nature friendly neighbor.  The system uses a submersible DC pump with a 2 panel array, tilted 15° to the south. 

For more information you can contact me at info@seagullsys.com

Seagull Systems,   strategically we have integrated ourselves into the environment conscious market, focusing in marketing renewable resources Technologies that offer a sustainable management and immediate savings at a greater scale.

Traditional processes require establishing innovations that will strengthen long term stability in your organizations.

To support your projects, now with Renewable Resources Technologies – RentecH, we are offering a variety of services and the commercialization of products and services that solve your re-engineering challenges.

Searching for ideas to better serve you in a way that you need,

Mark Bertrand

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